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5 simple steps to get Timelined! – How to activate Facebook Timeline

Too eager to wait for the official release? Well you can have the facebook timeline active on your profile with a few easy steps:

1) Go to facebook developer page and give permission to the developer app (click Allow)

2) Click on “Create a new App” button on the right top corner

3) Name your app: Display name can be anything but the app namespace has to be unique and distinct from any other fb apps – for example you cant just name it timeline – I named mine tardis 🙂 how cool is that?. Confirm captcha and continue. To continue, you will have to add your mobile if you haven’t at the fb mobile confirmation.

4) Click on the Open graph link in the next page left hand menu or click here. Complete the two blanks in the fields with Watch a Movie for example. You are defining action and object… blah. You can add new action types later if needed. (Disclaimer: This exercise is for setting yourself up as a developer and does not matter in the least as you will never be using this app you are creating.). Click ‘Get Started’. Save changes in next 2-3 pages and continue to home page.

5) On your homepage, you will see this update –

Developer Release
Introducing Timeline – a New Kind of Profile

Timeline is your collection of all the photos, posts, and apps that tell your story. To learn about building new social apps for timeline, visit the Facebook developer site. Click on the ‘Get it now’ button to enable timeline.

There you go, you are now a time traveller in the virtual world.

Note: Click ‘Publish Now’ on the right corner to share your world and go public with your timeline.

Please note: During the developer release, only other developers will be able to see your new timeline. Everyone else will see your old profile.


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