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Book Review: Buddha by Karen Armstrong

BuddhaBuddha by Karen Armstrong
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Armstrong manages to crystallize the disjointed fragments of mythology and history into a coherent powerful narrative. The story progresses without many digressions and mythic overtones and the reader manages to get a rare glimpse into the character, the aspirations, the struggles and the real journey taken by Buddha – the Man; not Buddha – the God.

That is the real achievement of this book: the fact that Armstrong has managed to make the reader feel for and with Gautama as if he were a fellow traveler.

The philosophy is not heavy and is interspersed throughout the text, thus making it very accessible and also easy to comprehend due to the contextual nature in which these tenets appear. Armstrong makes sure that the wisdom, the philosophy and the doctrine is passed on to us in the same linear path as Buddha experienced it or conveyed to his followers.

This gradual hand holding that the author does with us helps us ease into the Buddhist way of life and thinking and leaves us with a profound sense of understanding and longing for this amazing path that promises so much and demands so much.

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