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Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies (Warm Bodies, #1)Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

My Rating★★☆☆☆

**Spoiler Alert**

High class girl meets Low class boy. Falls in love.

Once the world used to be perfect, they believed. There was no High and Low classes.

They believed in that world. That is why they fell in love. They don’t believe in such differences. They can be overcome. Surely.

The Low class had a myth that once they were not so. Men were equal. They hoped for a cure that will come one day that will cure the society and save them.

“You can’t dream.” Vs “You can be whatever you want.”

The Low class were seen as animals by the High class. Her dad would never allow this to happen. Besides the low class have their own crazed leaders. They would not allow it either. The odds were stacked.

It didn’t matter.

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Night, My Hero

O Night, you are my hero.
Every hour the darkness encroaches on you,
every hour you plunge deeper and deeper;
no end in sight,
no light to be found -
that old sun, that glory,
forgotten in the long stretches:
of infinity, of time crawling,
yet you persevere, cling to life
and wait resolutely for day.
O Night, You are my hero.
You birth that glorious morning
every single time.

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